Why Are There Sores in or Around Your Mouth?

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The oral cavity is vulnerable to problems with the oral tissues, such as sores in the mouth. It is usually the case that cold sores health themselves and usually disappear within one or two weeks. But occasionally they don’t, and that might mean something more serious is happening.

Mouth sores can crop up because of a bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, disease, irritation from loose braces wires or ill-fitting dentures, or even because a tooth has broken, or a dental filling has been damaged. Four common reasons for oral sores may include:

#1 Canker sores: Manifesting as white/yellow in the middle, they are outlined with a red border. They show up on your tongue, inside the cheeks, on the lips, throat, and even the gumline. The good news is, they aren’t contagious.

#2 Cold sores: These are highly contagious. Most often seen on the outside of the mouth in the form of red blisters. You may see them around your lips and under your chin or nose.

#3 Candidiasis/thrush: Manifesting as white spots, this fungal infection arises because of yeast overgrowth. They can show up on the tongue or mouth along with a sore throat and problems swallowing.

#4 Abscessed tooth: A bacterial infection in the nerve of a diseased tooth. You might feel a severe toothache, have hot and cold tooth sensitivity, and even swollen lymph nodes.

Do you have a mouth sore that has been bothering you for 10 days or more, it is time to see your dentist for a closer look. Our Dental Excellence of Brandon team in Brandon, Florida can schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Dr. A. Alessio Conte for relief. Just give us a call at 813-681-5515 and get your healthy smile back on track!

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