Teeth Whitening, Veneers, & More

When it comes to enhancing your smile, our team at Dental Excellence of Brandon can help! Our dentist, Dr. A. Alessio Conte, is skilled at cosmetic dentistry in Brandon, Florida, and can help you determine which treatments will help you achieve your smile goals. Our services include:

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You need a healthy smile in order to eat and speak effectively and even to maintain good oral and general health. But moreover, you depend on your smile to make a good impression in work and social settings and to boost your self-esteem. To help you look your best no matter where you are, talk with our Dentist about your options for cosmetic dentistry at our office. Our treatments can be used to address issues such as:
• Teeth that are chipped, cracked or broken
• Teeth that are the wrong size or shape
• Improperly spaced teeth
• Uneven teeth
• Worn teeth
• Minor alignment problems
• Discolored teeth

When you visit our office our Dentist will examine your smile and help you create a custom treatment plan designed to bring out the best in your smile. A single treatment may be the solution to improving your appearance or you may opt for a combination of treatments.

Dental veneers are perfect for addressing issues such as minor tooth damage or improving the shape, size of or color tooth. They can even help close the spaces between gapped teeth. A veneer can be used to enhance the appearance of one or more teeth, or if you like, all of the visible teeth in your smile. Veneers can be placed in just two easy visits and with the proper care they can last up to ten years.

At our office we feature porcelain dental crowns. Crowns have very practical purposes such as protecting a severely damaged tooth, completing a dental implant or holding a bridge in place. However, a crown may be used to improve the appearance of a tooth that has been severely discolored and may not respond to a whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments are extremely popular and there are plenty of products in the stores and on the web that say they can brighten your smile. People are even offering whitening treatments as a side-business. All of these options may seem cheap and easy, but there is no way of knowing if they are right or even safe for you. Our Dentist and team can provide you with a whitening treatment that is not only safe but will give you the results you want in a single visit.

Which cosmetic dental treatment is right for your smile? Call our office today to explore the possibilities.

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