Sometimes, a tooth’s health becomes compromised to the point that part or all of it needs to be extracted (removed). Dr. Conte is highly trained to perform full dental extractions and root tip extraction.

Dental Extraction
A full tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth, which we only recommend when it is the most effective option to restore your smile to full health. Conditions that necessitate the removal of a tooth include:

  • A large portion of the tooth and bone structure has been destroyed by infection.
  • A tooth is damaged beyond repair by decay.
  • The teeth are crowded too close together and do not fit properly within the mouth.

Root Tip Extraction
There may be times when just the root tip of a tooth needs to be extracted. We offer root amputation to preserve your oral health, which involves removing one of the tooth roots, and is usually performed on the molars. Root amputation can save a diseased or decayed tooth from extraction, and may be recommended to address the following conditions:

  • A fractured or broken tooth or tooth root
  • Bacterial infection in one of the tooth roots
  • Gum disease resulting in bone loss
  • Concentrated areas of decay in the tooth

Dr. Conte uses great skill and care to ensure each tooth or tooth root is removed with little to no discomfort. Following the extraction, our dentist and team will provide you with post-op instructions and a thorough review of your tooth replacement options if applicable. If you suspect you would benefit from a dental extraction, please contact us at 813-681-5515 to schedule a consultation at our dental office in Brandon, Florida. We hope to see you at Dental Excellence of Brandon soon!

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