Scaling and root planing is usually enough to get an in-depth tooth cleaning; however, sometimes a patient needs a gross debridement to get below the gumline and remove plaque and calculus.

The procedure for a debridement is just like any other cleaning, with the exception that some form of anesthetic may need to be used to numb the area. If you experience sensitivity, due to recessed gums exposing the tooth’s cementum or if you have dental anxiety with any procedure, we may have to numb the area for you. Even though a scaling and root planing procedure is similar to a gross debridement, the latter focuses on more than just the root services; it encompasses the pocket space, the pocket wall, and underlying tissues to help control the spread of bacterial infection.

A gross debridement is usually performed when buildup exists below the gumline and prevents Dr. Conte from performing a proper evaluation and the dental hygienist from doing a thorough cleaning. For more information about gross debridement and to make your appointment with our experienced dentist in Brandon, Florida, please call Dental Excellence of Brandon at 813-681-5515!

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