Educate Yourself About Dental Bridges

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Are you aware of the oral health risks of having missing teeth? Although we often think of missing teeth as simply a visual impairment, the truth is it can also lead to several health impairments as well. Beyond the risks associated with limited abilities for chewing and eating food, missing teeth can also lead to a downturn in your oral hygiene, which is because bacteria can slowly begin to develop in the missing recesses left behind.

Furthermore, missing teeth will cause your jawbone to weaken over time and can even lead to your gums destabilizing. If you suffer from gum destabilization, it can lead to tooth slippage, which causes other healthy teeth to move and slide around. To reverse these effects, a reliable tooth replacement will be needed to be put in place to hold other nearby and neighboring teeth in position. You can have your mouth function again correctly with dental bridge prosthetic devices.

Dental bridges can even reverse issues caused by a sunken in dental profile when missing teeth are not replaced. Furthermore, dental bridges can potentially help restore hindrances you may have suffered from missing teeth including those with speech or eating. In several instances, bite stability is affected due to missing teeth. Dental bridges can even restore your bite distribution forces. To accomplish this, a dental bridge will need to be permanently anchored in gaps left behind where missing teeth once were. In addition, there are no food restrictions with dental bridges.

No matter the prosthetic care you are in need of, Dr. A. Alessio Conte and our team at Dental Excellence of Brandon are here to help you in every way we can. If you would like to set up a visit for a dental bridge application, come see us at our dental office in Brandon, Florida. Please call us at 813-681-5515 to speak with a member of our team.

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